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“Perhaps everything terrible is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”

(R. M. Rilke)

Hi, I am Sebastiana.
I support and empower adults and adolescents to understand their internal world while finding their own unique pathways to wellbeing. I am passionate about guiding others towards greater self-compassion, confidence and balance.

I am an Internal Family Systems Therapist and Integrative Counsellor registered with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).
I am the co-founder of the social enterprise Ecotherapy East, based in Suffolk, which is committed to increasing biodiversity, creating a nature reserve on the 12-acre meadow we steward as a community. By investing in the work with me, you are also supporting the ecosystems and over 500 young trees we take care of.

I offer individual sessions for adults and adolescents (16+), drawing on my training and experience in the following modalities:

I specialise in working with:

  • childhood trauma

  • relationship difficulties

  • self-criticism, perfectionism and people-pleasing

  • issues around multi-cultural living and being an immigrant, such as minority stress, loss and imposter syndrome

  • eco-anxiety - worry about climate crisis and injustice; growing our ecological self, and finding support in the natural world

I also run therapeutic and personal development courses and groups:

"Sebastiana helped me during a particularly stressful time and gave me incredibly useful tools to cope and deal with what was going on around me. She’s gentle and empathic, and our sessions felt like a safe space to explore my inner parts, but also talk about the little difficulties of everyday life. After only a few months of therapy I feel calmer, more grounded, and confident in my abilities to heal." (previous IFS client)

"Sebastiana created time and space to process and progress from acute experiences and return to balance, perspective and confidence. "

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