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Ecotherapy helps people of all ages to connect with the natural world, both indoors and outdoors, and through this reciprocal connection to experience a greater sense of wholeness and wellbeing. The natural world, with its different cycles and seasons, often reflects our own qualities and experiences. Spending time outdoors mindfully, and guided by an experienced ecotherapist, will help you gain clarity and insight into the challenges you face and put these into better perspective. In this digital age we live in, many people have become disconnected from the natural world. Ecotherapy invites you to reconnect to the power, ease and regenerative potential of nature and heal this disconnection.


In an ecotherapy session you will simply be invited to become aware of both your internal and external world. You will learn mindfulness and sensory awareness practices that will settle your mind, invite you into a deeper relationship with yourself and nature, and create nourishing bonds with your favourite more-than-human beings and natural spots. I can support you to develop earth-based rituals to increase your sense of belonging. This greater affinity with nature may in turn encourage you to give back to the natural world by looking after it and protecting it more.


A lack of time spent in nature can contribute to mental health problems, as well as ADHD and obesity. It can also give a rise to a feeling of disconnection and isolation.

Research shows that ecotherapy, and generally being outdoors more, has numerous benefits including:

  • Feeling less isolated and more connected

  • Decreasing anxiety and depression

  • Finding resources in the natural world to feel more grounded and supported

  • Calming of the nervous system and lessening of symptoms of ADHD/ADD

  • Developing greater body awareness and embodiment

  • Finding consolation and soothing when working through grief

  • Addressing sensory integration difficulties while awakening the senses

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How does it work?

For the first few sessions we will meet indoors in order to establish a safe therapeutic relationship, explore your goals and make sure you feel ready for our outdoor sessions. Together we will decide how often we will meet outdoors. Indoor sessions can serve as an opportunity to process the time spent outdoors as well as to focus on other goals you may have for your therapy.


Ecotherapy can also be part of indoor sessions. Working indoors involves connecting with natural items, pictures and plants, imagining and visualising different aspects of the natural world and bringing this imagery into our work and your creativity.


I will send you an introductory email before our first session outdoors, explaining where we will meet and other practicalities you might need to know.

I work in a couple of locations in Norfolk and Suffolk: a woodland in an urban part of Norwich and a private field in Suffolk. However, I am also open to exploring other natural locations with you. Please do contact me with any specific questions you might have about this and I would be happy to help.


Free Ecotherapy Taster Workshops

Growing and Healing with Nature Connection

Saturday 12 June and 26 June


FarmShare Farm

Whitlingham Nurseries, off Whitlingham Lane, NR14 8TZ


Come to the beautiful vibrant farm, the home of FarmShare, and connect more deeply with the land, yourself and your wild inner nature, using mindful Ecotherapy practices. Ecotherapy invites us to reconnect to the power, ease and regenerative potential of nature. From this more attentive and reciprocal connection we can gain a sense of support, grounding and overall wellbeing. As nature gives to us, we naturally feel drawn to give back to nature.

Booking essential. Spaces limited.

"I've been to two of these day events now and really enjoyed them. Rob and Sebastiana led the various activities with warmth and kindness, guiding us into a deeper awareness of ourselves through being present and alive to the natural world. A nourishing oasis in a busy life!"  Amrita, 2019

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Exciting News! At the Wise Nature Retreat on Monday 2 August in the afternoon we will have a special Guest Teacher. Book the whole retreat to not miss out on this!

Dance Artist and Dance Movement Psychotherapist Katy Dunne will facilitate a two hour workshop involving movement meditations, improvisation, authentic movement and creative dance. She will guide us to immerse ourselves in the more-than-human world and to be inspired by its form, shape, sounds, scents, textures and rhythms. As we move in and with the natural world, we will deepen our connection to it, to each other and to our authentic selves. No movement experience is necessary.

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