The Therapies I Offer


Life can be complex and challenging. We can't always choose our circumstances or our experiences. Sometimes we need additional support, beyond what our partner, friends or family can offer. Professional support from a qualified and experienced therapist can help us gain more self-awareness, recover from our difficult experiences, and decide what our next steps might be.


My therapeutic work with both young people and adults focuses primarily on establishing a trusting, therapeutic relationship and a confidential, non-judgmental space. From here, you can explore and make sense of your past and present experiences, including feelings, thoughts and different aspects of yourself, at your own pace. It is a safe space for you to offload, understand your worries and find out how best to support yourself.


Working across a range of therapeutic modalities allows me to be flexible and responsive as I draw on  different approaches to help you to reach your goals. In my sessions your experiences and challenges can be explored, processed and transformed in a variety of ways - verbally and non-verbally, experientially and somatically, through:

  • Internal Family Systems - Understanding different parts of ourselves and their roles and increasing the support that comes from the compassionate Self.


Some of the challenges I can help you with are:

  • stress

  • anxiety and uncertainty

  • discovering life purpose

  • depression

  • grief and loss, including ambiguous loss

  • challenges of being an immigrant

  • adverse childhood experiences

  • parenting

  • self-criticism and being hard on yourself

  • low self-worth and self-confidence

  • relationship difficulties

  • caregiver fatigue

  • disconnection from nature, nature-deficit

  • disconnection from your own body

  • stage fright and difficulties around self-expression and having a voice

  • gender diversity


Sliding scale: £60, £50 concession (for those on lower income)

Session duration: 50 minutes - 1 hour.